Heart-Shaped Wreath

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Looking for a charming decoration to add to your home? Look no further than our Heart-Shaped Wreath. Crafted with care, this stunning wreath features an assortment of lifelike flowers and foliage arranged in a heart shape, creating a beautiful and enchanting decoration for your home.

Measuring 15.7 inches, this wreath is perfect for displaying on your front door or as a charming centerpiece for your home decor. The delicate and muted colors of the flowers make this wreath a subtle and sophisticated decoration that will complement any style of home decor.

Made with high-quality materials, our Heart-Shaped Wreath is designed to last, ensuring you can enjoy its beauty for many years to come. With its easy-to-hang design, you can effortlessly add a touch of elegance to any room in your home.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to add a little charm to your home decor, our Heart-Shaped Wreath is the perfect choice. Order yours today and discover the perfect way to add a touch of beauty to your home.

Size: 40cm/15.7in

5 reviews for Heart-Shaped Wreath

    2 April 2024
    Can't get enough of it!
    1 April 2024
    Super happy.
    6 April 2023
    The size and proportion of this wreath are perfect for my door, creating a visually pleasing display.
    18 March 2023
    Perfectly festive touch.
    8 March 2023
    The mix of textures in this wreath, from pine needles to burlap accents, adds depth and visual interest.
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